Astrology Report for April 2024

April showers us with volatile cosmic weather as four planets station retrograde. Expect delays, glitches, and the need for review and realignment in key areas of life. Aries season continues charging ahead at full speed meanwhile. Slow down and find your focus.

Key Astrological Events in April

The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn all begin apparent backward motion this month:

  • Mercury Retrograde runs April 9th to May 3rd – Reconsider ideas, plans, contracts.
  • Sun Retrograde is April 20th to May 20th – Reflect on identity, image, purpose.
  • Venus Retrograde goes April 24th to June 3rd – Reassess relationships, values, art.
  • Saturn Retrograde is April 30th to October 11th – Reevaluate career, responsibilities, limits.

Horoscope Highlights for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: As your ruler Mars energizes your sign, this remains an action-packed month for your goals and passions, Aries. With four planets retrograde, review plans and partnerships before forging ahead.

Taurus: Istanbul’s backwards dance inspires interior reflection and soul-searching, Taurus. Release outdated beliefs or baggage from your unconscious. Rest and heed intuition’s guidance toward self-discovery.

Gemini: Shift focus to your friendships and community connections. Nurture your inner circle and lend a helping hand to others. But avoid overcommitting yourself with so many planets retrograde now.

Cancer: Push your professional interests and public image forward while you can, Cancer. After the 20th, re-evaluate career matters and whether you’re headed where you truly want to go. Make course corrections.

Leo: Continue expanding your knowledge and horizons while the momentum lasts this month, Leo. When four planets retrograde, reassess educational goals and your guiding philosophy.Truth emerges through inner reflection.

Virgo: Sex, finances, and mergers occupy your focus, Virgo. Consolidate debts or assets and refrain from new investments until after May. Research opportunities thoroughly first. Let intuition guide you.

Libra: Partnership matters need attention, Libra. If cracks are showing, do the work to repair bonds and increase understanding. Resist starting new relationships with so many backwards planets now.

Scorpio: Your health, habits, job performance, and services come up for review, Scorpio. Improve routines and self-care practices. Fix problems skilfully. Postpone major decisions until planets turn direct.

Sagittarius: Your creative instincts are strong but need direction, Sagittarius. Reignite dormant artistic talents and hobbies. Romance needs an honest reappraisal. Avoid assuming or overpromising during April.

Capricorn: Family issues come into focus, Capricorn. Support aging parents and nurture your roots. Review real estate options but wait until after retrogrades to make big domestic changes.

Aquarius: The backwards dance muddles communications and cognitive function, Aquarius. Revise written projects and hold off on important dialogues or decisions. Allow ideas to clarify before acting. Listen more than you speak.

Pisces: Financial opportunities demand closer review, Pisces. Reframe your wealth consciousness and spending habits. Find stability through the retrograde storm. Doublecheck purchases and paperwork.

Navigating April’s Retrograde Maze

With so many planets appearing backwards this month, patience and flexibility are essential. To utilize this pause constructively:

  • Review, research, plan, prepare
  • Reconnect with old friends or interests
  • Reflect on past patterns to unlock solutions
  • Redirect energy away from demands into renewal
  • Revise what’s not working; recharge your spirit
  • Release whatever no longer serves your growth

April provides a cosmic chance to realign your trajectory with your soul’s purpose.


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