Aries Sun-Cancer Moon Personality and Compatibility

Aries is a Fire sign, and like all Fire they like to rush ahead without looking first. They are the initiators and the adventurers in the zodiac. They like to be the first and they like to do things their own way. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, and just like Mars they are quick to anger. When an Aries is mad at you, you’ll know it. They aren’t usually mad for long though, since they soon move on to something else.

Cancer is a Water sign, and they are very tied to their emotions. They remember all the hurts and wrongs that people (especially their loved ones) have done to them, and they won’t forget these things. They are extremely sympathetic and nurturing, always there to offer a listening ear when someone needs it. They remember the good things you’ve done for them, and will never forget these things either.

Cancers are extremely faithful and loyal. Once they commit themselves to someone or something, they will follow through no matter what.

Aries-Cancer relationships

The Aries-Cancer relationship will begin when the Aries person makes their move. The Aries person is very direct and goes after what they want. Since Aries is also impulsive, this could happen in a restaurant or on a bus. The Aries person will be direct, and if the Cancer person likes them back, they’ll say so. If not, they’ll say so. There won’t be any playing games.

Once a relationship has been established, it’s difficult for a Cancer to retreat from it. Aries may not even notice if a Cancer does this, but it would hurt the Cancer’s feelings if they were aware of it. Aries may not even realize that they’ve hurt the feelings of the Cancer. Aries doesn’t like to play mind games or have hidden meanings in their communication. If they tell you they love you, then that’s what they mean.

Aries and Cancers both like to be the center of attention, so these two are very unlikely to share a relationship with anyone else. Neither of them is willing to share their partner for any reason. Aries is ruled by Mars, a male planet. All of the planets in our solar system are either male or female. Earth is a female planet, and Mars is a male planet. Male planets are more active than female planets, so men in general tend to be more active than women. Female planets influence men and make them more passive. A male planet influences a female one, but the female one doesn’t have as much effect on the male one.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, a female planet. The Moon affects the tides of the ocean, which are controlled by the Moon. The ocean is very important for life on Earth. The ocean contains over 70% of all the water on Earth, and without it, life on Earth wouldn’t exist. Female planets have more effect on male individuals than male planets have on female ones. This is why women are more emotional than men.

The relationships between the planets take place in two dimensions, since the planets move in orbits around the Sun and rotate around their own axis. In the first dimension, or horizontal plane, the relationships are between the Sun and the other planets. In the second dimension, or vertical plane, the relationships are between north and south.
When a male planet is active and a female planet is passive, the male planet has a stronger influence on the female one. When a female planet is active and a male one is passive, the female planet still has a strong influence on the male one.