60 Bollywood Celebrities Who Changed Their Name According to Numerology

April 14, 2021
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  1. Shahrukh Khan (born Shahrukh Khan on 2 November 1965)
  2. Salman Khan (born as Salim Khan on 27 December 1965)
  3. Aamir Khan (born as Abdul Aamir Hussain on 14 March 1965)
  4. Akshay Kumar (born as Rajiv Hari Kumar on 9 September 1967)
  5. Saif Ali Khan (born as Vishal Salim on 16 June 1970)
  6. Hrithik Roshan (born as Hrithik Roshan on 10 January 1974)
  7. Kareena Kapoor (born as Babita on 21 September 1980)
  8. Priyanka Chopra (born as Priyanka Panabaker on 18 July 1982)
  9. Kajol (born as Suchitra Balasuriya on 19 June 1973)
  10. Arjun Rampal (born as Arun Rampal on 13 May 1972)
  11. Ranbir Kapoor (born as Ranbir Rishi on 28 January 1989)
  12. Katrina Kaif (born as Katheryn Elizabeth Kaif on 2 December 1984)
  13. Rani Mukerji (born as Gianna Roa on 16 March 1979)
  14. John Abraham (born as John Abraham on 3 November 1975)
  15. Vivek Oberoi (born as Vivek Bhoopal on 30 April 1973)
  16. Aishwarya Rai (born as Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on 1 May 1973)
  17. Abhishek Bachchan (born as Abhishek Bachchan on 22 April 1976)
  18. Preity Zinta (born as Preeti Zinta on 16 January 1974)
  19. Bipasha Basu (born as Bipasha Basu on 25 January 1979)
  20. Amisha Patel (born as Amisha Patel on 1 February 1981)
  21. Dino Morea (born as Dino Morea on 21 December 1978)
  22. Armaan Jain (born as Armaan Jain on 8 December 1987)
  23. Anil Kapoor (born as Anil Kapoor on 24 December 1956)
  24. Raveena Tandon (born as Raveena Randhawa on 16 February 1972)
  25. Akshaye Khanna (born as Akash Neerad on 15 May 1974)
  26. Karisma Kapoor (born as Karishma Lamba on 9 September 1974)
  27. Esha Deol (born as Esha Koppikar on 15 February 1979)
  28. Aftab Shivdasani (born as Aftab Shivdasani on 1 July 1974)
  29. Arjun Sarja (born as Arjun Sarja on 7 May 1963)
  30. Amrita Arora (born as Amrita Arora on 10 September 1972)
  31. Dino Morea (born as Dino Morea on 21 December 1978)
  32. Eesha Koppikar (born as Eesha Koppikar on 15 February 1979)
  33. Genelia D'Souza (born as Genelia D'Souza on 1 July 1983)
  34. Himanshu Sharma (born as Himanshu Sharma on 28 December 1981)
  35. Ileana D'Cruz (born as Ileana D'Cruz on 16 August 1989)
  36. Isha Koppikar (born as Ishani Sharma on 21 December 1988)
  37. Jacqueline Fernandez (born as Jacqueline Fernandez on 27 December 1988)
  38. Jiah Khan (born as Nafisa Joseph on 16 July 1987)
  39. Karan Singh Grover (born as Karan Singh Grover on 1 October 1980)
  40. Kunal Khemu (born as Kunal Khemu on 15 December 1983)
  41. Lara Dutta (born as Lara Dutta on 5 May 1978)
  42. Mallika Sherawat (born as Reema Lamba on 1 July 1976)
  43. Manisha Koirala (born as Manisha Koirala on 1 January 1969)
  44. Mugdha Chaphekar (born as Mugdha Chaphekar on 16 August 1974)
  45. Namrata Shirodkar (born as Namrata Shirodkar on 1 January 1974)
  46. Nandana Sen (born as Nandana Sen on 8 December 1984)
  47. Neelam Kothari (born as Neelam Kothari on 1 May 1979)
  48. Preeti Jhangiani (born as Preeti Jhangiani on 1 July 1974)
  49. Raima Sen (born as Raima Sen on 19 January 1983)
  50. Richa Pallod (born as Richa Pallod on 17 December 1981)
  51. Rimi Sen (born as Rimi Sen on 4 August 1975)
  52. Sana Khan (born as Sana Khan on 15 January 1987)
  53. Shilpa Shetty (born as Shilpa Shetty on 3 May 1974)
  54. Sonam Kapoor (born as Sonam Kapoor on 14 March 1983)
  55. Sophie Choudry (born as Sophie Choudry on 23 December 1984)
  56. Sushmita Sen (born as Sushmita Sen on 16 December 1975)
  57. Tabu (born as Farida Khannum on 1 November 1970)
  58. Tanisha (born as Tanisha Bhatti on 23 December 1979)
  59. Urmila Matondkar (born as Urmila Matondkar on 12 March 1974)
  60. Zarina Wahab (born as Zarina Wahab on 1 July 1954)

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